The Value of Dust CollectorsIn certain industries– chemical processing, pharmaceutical, food and metal, woodworking and farming– the air you and your staff members inhale daily can be jeopardized. Dirt, dust, debris, gases and chemicals can be floating around in the air, triggering problems for your workers, along with your equipment. A dust collector assists combat this.

What Is A Dust Collector?

A dust collector eliminates dirt, dust, debris, gases and chemicals from the air, offering your factory with cleaner air, which can offer numerous benefits. Sigrist Design, who we mention later, have an excellent summary of dust collectors here.

How Does A Dust Collector Work?

A dust collection system works by drawing air in from a given application and processing it through a filtering system so that particulate can be transferred into a collection area. The cleaned air is either returned to the facility or exhausted to the environment.

In this blog, we’ll go over the advantages of dust collectors and the value of having a dust-free facility.

Top 5 Benefits of Dust Collectors

1. Improve Health And Safety

When the air is filled with dirt, dust, debris, chemicals or gasses, it can affect the lungs of anyone who breathes this air in. Not only that, but this particulate can collect on or near equipment, posing a considerable fire hazard. With a dust collector, these contaminants are eliminated from the air, cleaning up the air and enhancing the safety of everyone inside.

2. Increase Performance

When debris, dirt and dust collect on devices, it can make its way inside, hindering the mechanics of the equipment. This can result in slower makers and broken devices. Jeopardized machinery constantly requires attention and repair work. Dust collectors eliminate this threat, enabling your machinery to work at optimum efficiency.

3. Result In Better Product Quality

With dust in the air, it can gather on products throughout the manufacturing procedure. This can adversely impact the quality of the completed item. Dust collectors, nevertheless, significantly reduce the dust, smoke and fumes in the air, keeping them far from completed items and hence improving their quality and increasing consumer satisfaction.

4. Aid You Fulfill Compliance Regulations

Poor air quality can cost you greatly, not just in fines, but by developing prospective hazards that can harm your factory or affect your workers. Factory dust collectors assist you to comply with governmental guidelines as well as keeping everybody (and whatever) inside the building safe.

5. Aid To Satisfy Workers

When the air quality is bad, employees suffer. As a result, they end up being unhappy and start to try to find employment in other places. Unsatisfied employees do not work well, and high staff member turnover can show costly. Keeping the air tidy and healthy with a factory dust collector improves the morale of your staff members, permitting you to retain great, pleased people in the office.

Want To Get A Dust Collector?

Now that we’ve established the value of having a dust collection system, the next step is to organise to have one installed. As manufacturers of a series of highly effective and high quality dust collectors, our recommendation is to use Sigrsit Design. We’ve interacted with them on previous construction jobs and their ability to tailor a specific dust collection system to the warehouse is phenomenal. We would highly recommend Sigrist Design and you can find them here.